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About Us

Foundry is a team of software engineers with offices in Seattle and Boise. We are committed to crafting elegant and accessible mobile and web solutions for our clients.

We are a pure play technology shop, happily partnering with talented graphic and UX design studios to create thoughtfully designed and expertly built applications. If you have a problem which can be solved with code, we are ready to help.


Our Services


We build websites of all sizes. From small business websites to large-scale enterprise internet applications with millions of users. From specialized front-end projects to full-stack, service-based architectures. We can augment your team to get that project over the finish line, or provide a full development team to execute on your software vision.


We build mobile applications for both iOS and Android. We can walk you through the production process so that your mobile application is a joy to use, and inexpensive to maintain. The mobile landscape is changing quickly. You need help to stay current. Let our team guide you through the tradeoffs of different design patterns so that your app is developed with the right tradeoff between time-to-market, cost, and functionality.


At Foundry Interactive we take modern approach to assuring quality. The process begins before the first line of code is written by careful risk-focused analysis of the requirements and design. Building quality and testability in from the ground up, instead of simply relying on inspection at the end of the software development process. Our developers and testers participate in formalized code reviews. Not only do we perform tests against requirements but we check usability, scalability, performance, localization and other quality characteristics. Our highly skilled technical testers take both a hands-on and an automated approach; we know when to apply either for the most robust coverage of your site or application.


Creating an accessibile experience online is core to creating an inclusive web. Well beyond the needs of just non-sighted users using assistive technologies, creating accessible digital experiences serves a large and growing body of users. There are users with visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments that may or may not use assistive technologies to help them. Not sure where to start with accessibility? We can help. We can perform compliance audits, train your staff, train your developers on how to write accessible code, and recommend specific remediation techniques to address specific accessibility problems that you may have.


Sometimes you just need an expert. When it comes to technology, it is our work, and our passion. You may need assistance assessing a technology recommendation, vetting candidates for a new development function within your organization, managing a large technical task, or performing a risk assessment on legacy code. We are here to help. We always start with a free consultation, so that we can gain a better understanding of your needs. From there, we will be able to determine if we are in a position to help, and what that might look like.


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