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From an early age, Michael always loved to build things. He would use anything from Legos to Lincoln Logs to create intricate castles, robust seafaring vessels or sleek interstellar starships. By age 12 he designed and built a four-story tree house with his own hands. And yet somewhere amidst the turmoil of adolescence, his passion for creating would be cast aside.

After high school, Michael did some traveling and soul searching. He worked as a card dealer in a Casino, threw freight on the night shift at a grocery chain, and even spent some time as a driving instructor and state tester. Along the way he picked up a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Washington with the intent to pursue a masters and ultimately become a teacher.

Life, of course, had other plans. Michael's love of creation, engineering, and innovation was rediscovered with the help of a friend. After marveling at the mobile app his friend had built, it was immediately apparent that Michael had to become a part of the software world. He searched the internets far and wide in search of the skills he needed to excel in the software game, comparing platforms, languages and institutions. Not eager to sink another four years into pedagogy, he selected Code Fellows as the best fit to propel his new career. During a grueling year and half endeavor, he built a solid foundation of HTML, CSS and JavaScript before settling in on mastering the iOS languages and mobile development.

Michael's extracurriculars include walking the world's cutest dog, Fantasy Football, pretty much any physical activity, and competitive PC gaming. He is the sole inventor of the Shaolin-Spin bowling technique and to date, has never lost a handstand contest.