Elizabeth Ruth's first thrills with coding came from hacking together HTML and CSS to trick out her MySpace page as a teenager. After a career in translation and marketing, she moved to Seattle to take up coding once more. She has worked on teams building web and mobile apps, experimental customer services, and complex data platforms.

Liz has helped small teams earn awards such as the Seattle Startup Ten award and the Geekwire App of the Year award in 2015, and has also been a Geekwire Geek of the Week. She participates in the greater tech community through activities such as conference speaking, mentoring new developers, and leadership in affinity groups.

Liz received her degree from St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain and was a member of Ada Developer Academy's inaugural cohort in 2013. She lives in Seattle where she enjoys volunteering, wearing all black, and going out to live music and techno shows.