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A local product, Danny Brown was raised on Whidbey Island where he was instilled with a desire to improve the health of the environment and the people living in it. So, he attended Linfield College, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Environmental Science, amidst foreign language studies in Costa Rica and Argentina.

Danny put his studies to practice, working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor after college. Wanting to be part of something with a more global reach, he changed his career path and joined Tesla so that he could play a part in the adoption of EV technology. Danny spent three years with Tesla, helping them take over the streets of Seattle and showing new owners how to operate their artificially intelligent computer on wheels. From debugging Teslas and their owners’ concerns, he garnered a desire to play a role in the testing and development of handheld software on a close-knit team.

While new to the tech industry, Danny has proven to be a thorough learner who approaches each new test with scientific methodology. When he is not testing software, Danny is probably off on a motorcycle adventure, listening to metal, and/or decorating something with cats.