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Our Team

Most agencies are all about style; Foundry is all about substance. We focus our time and attention on what matters most: the success of our clients.

Foundry is a team of subject matter experts. Every day, we each get to work with people who are really good at something we are not. Each of us has a role to play in a successful engagement, and we each take ownership of our pieces of the puzzle.

We sometimes take it for granted that it's easy to understand why we're all here; for those of you we've not met yet, we hope that these bios will help explain.

photo of Mike McDevitt

Mike McDevitt


photo of Bill Nordwall

Bill Nordwall



Dan Hoke

Program Manager

photo of Jim Cooley

Jim Cooley

Sr. Web Developer

photo of Leif Dalan

Leif Dalan

Software Developer

photo of Devon Persing

Devon Persing


photo of Chris Reath

Chris Reath

Director of Mobile

photo of Marcus Berry

Marcus Berry

Software Developer


Karli Swanson

Software Developer


Steph Datu

Software Developer


Emma Hardman

Software Developer


Shadae Holmes

Software Developer