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Our Services

When it comes to technology, simple things are often made needlessly complex.  When you strip away all of the jargon and hype, a few questions remain: How can people find us? How will our users know what to do, or where to go? What’s the best way to tell our story?

Foundry's role is to leverage data, knowledge, and technology to answer these questions, and to work with you to build solutions to help you grow your business.


Web Development

Web development is our bread and butter. We do everything from end-to-end site development, to web applications, to simple landing page templates. Read more.


Mobile Development

As your users turn to mobile, Foundry can help you plan and build apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Read more.

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User Experience Design

User experience is the intersection of graphic design, information architecture, content strategy and quality code. When each of these disciplines is focused on user needs, users simply find what they are looking for. Read more.


Content Strategy

What do people need to know about your business? It seems like a simple question—until you start drafting copy. Read more.



SEO is all about making it easy for people and search engines to find you. Making it easy for them, though, can be a lot of work for you. Read more.



Accessible sites are better for everyone, and can widen your audience in ways you haven’t considered. Read more.



Everyone needs a little help, now and again. A fresh set of eyes, an extra set of hands, or advice from a subject expert can sometimes make all the difference. Read more.