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Bioagents Education Apps Released for iPhone and Android

Foundry has worked  in the past to help provide technology solutions for the Federation of American Scientists, a group dedicated to objective analysis of biosecurity and biorisk issues. That’s why we were pleased that when the FAS received a grant from the FBI to create a mobile app based on educational materials about bioagents, they gave us a call.

We worked with FAS to adapt their designs, art, and ideas to develop an informative, portable app designed to educate users about common viruses, bacteria, and other toxins. Based on the trading card-style source material, we were able to make decisions to best leverage both the iOS and Android environments to provide the best experience for users across a variety of devices.

Foundry also built each app in its native environment (instead of developing in one and porting to the other), which means that the applications were developed and tested with code quality in mind, in line with our client’s commitment to rigorous standards.

The Bioagents Education app is now available in both the iTunes Store and Google Play for iPhones and Android devices, for free.

View Bioagents Education on iTunes Preview

View Bioagents Education on Google Play

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